Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020
Top-Line vertical blinds

Top-Line vertical blinds is an exclusive brand of verticals for a demanding client. They apply as a cover in stylish interiors, modern architecture or in large glazed areas. Big windows and walls made of glass, allow to have constant contact with the surrounding, but unfortunately they don’t provide the sense of intimacy, sunlight and looks from the outside. For that reason, Vertical blinds have become an amazing solution for modernist architecture. Their main asset is the aesthetic effect and possibility of regulating the amount of sunlight coming inside the room. The available range of colours will satisfy even the most demanding client. Top-Line vertical blinds are also used as a room divider. Another useful advantage except for the possibility of rotating the lamels, is moving them to the left or right side and also from inside. It makes them functional and easy to use. Vertical blinds can be mounted horizontally or at an angle. Their rails have a straight shape, but can also be curved on the dimension. The rail is available in colours such as: white, silver and black.