Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020
Standard vertical blinds

Standard vertical blinds represent an amazing alternative for curtains in a place such as a flat, office or hotel. They are ideal solution for large windows, including picture windows. They perfectly protect the room from excessive sunlight. Additionally ,they can lift your sense of comfort up and make the interior design cosier. Their wide range of colours and fabrics can help you match them to any interior design. Normally we produce vertical blinds with a width of the lamels at 89 and 127mm. It is practical, esthetic and a comfortable solution among the window covers at the office, bank, hotel or house. Vertical blinds own decorative advantages and thanks to a wide palette of colours, they make the individual and unique decor. Their asset is a possibility of precisely regulating the direction and the amount of sunlight coming inside the room thanks to rotary vertical lamels. What’s more, they are ideal protection from excessive sunlight inside the room. They perfectly fit for covering the larger areas such as: glazed walls, division of rooms or separating the work stations. The rail is only available in white colour.