Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020
Blinds Night & Day

One of the newest solutions in the windows decoration field. Blinds Night&Day; is a system for window covering, which belongs to a functional solution. It lets you regulate the diffused light in every room on your own. The blinds Night&Day is the type of roller blind where the alternating system with fabric such as transparent or blackout is used. The fabric is doubly led in a horizontal striped pattern which thanks to the absorption of light, lets you control the amount of sunlight you bring to your room. Thanks to this, you are able to adjust the sunlight coming in while considering your needs. In the Deco-Sun collection, there is a wide range of fabrics that correspond with new trends and are the perfect addition in all the interior designs. The blinds are available in 11 models. Below, you can find all kinds of Night&Day roller blinds.